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"Helping Confidence Bloom" is an experience in personal growth you can give yourself -- at the same time you're learning how to inspire your daughter to believe in herself.

Here's a sample of what you'll gain by taking this course:

  • How do I build my daughter’s confidence?
  • It seems like half the adolescents I hear about are already on antidepressants! Is there anything I can do to protect my daughter from depression?
  • What can I do to keep her safe from dangerous decisions about drugs, driving, the internet – all of it!?
  • The knowledge you need to help your daughter’s confidence grow.
  • The skills to prevent a lot of needless pain.
  • Build her capacity for leadership.
  • Feel even closer to your daughter.
  • Strengthen your relationship by understanding her better.
  • Confidence – yours.
  • A rich experience of connecting with your own voice.
  • Five modules, 17 video lessons that will build your capacity in 60
  • days for helping your daughter’s confidence bloom.
  • A solid framework to help you make confidence-building decisions every day.
  • Step-by-step examples to show you how to apply what you’re learning.
  • Downloadable audio, video, slide deck, and transcripts of each class – yours to keep.
  • A host of From Words to Action activity sheets, tools, games, and guides.
  • Access to the membership site where all of the class materials are stored, chapter by chapter, at your fingertips.

BONUS: Downloadable audio, video, slide decks, and transcripts  of each lesson – yours to keep.

BONUS: 4 Back-to-School videos on hot topics

BONUS: Private Facebook Group with for Q&A and support.

BONUS: A host of From Words to Action pages.

Helping Confidence Bloom

A Step-by-Step Approach to Raising Confident Girls | $497

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Helping Confidence Bloom plus individual coaching with Fran Hendrick, P.C.C. is a powerful combination to move you toward building your ability to inspire your daughter to gain confidence. To learn more about this tried and true coaching program, please contact Fran at [email protected]


We'll schedule a 20-minute free consultation where you'll have a chance to talk directly with Fran. Together, we'll discuss your goals and concerns for your daughter and walk through the entire coaching program to see whether it will meet your needs.

"This class helped me make tangible my dreams and goals for my relationship with my daughter. It gave me clear direction on how to develop the traits of the healthy relationship I want to establish and grow with my daughter - from the beginning! Through reflection, discussion, and constructive support, this course also helped me understand and make some peace with my relationship with my own mother."

Nena C.

"I can't put into words how much this class time has meant to me. It was a 'joyful' part of my week and I am so glad we are going to continue. - "

Christine W.

"I found this class to be an inspiring and empowering course. Fran is very insightful and shared practical advice and tools to help us moms feel more confident and productive in our relationship with our girls (& boys!). The course took place in a comfortable space and I felt safe sharing my thoughts and feelings with Fran and the small group of lovely moms."

Mel G.

"The ideas for hands on activities to use with my daughter were easy to implement and made big impact! I am also thrilled with the materials you provided –one which I have downloaded and saved –so that I can use them with my daughter as she grows and we meet and work on challenges together. The worksheets are timeless–I know they will be just as valuable will she is 10…. 13 or 18. Thank you!"


"Fran is an amazingly gifted professional with an unyielding commitment to each individual's ability (and right) to become who they were truly and uniquely meant to be. I have benefited tremendously from Fran's ability to listen to what I mean to say, and to gently ask the needed questions that will drive me to uncover what I really need .. and to clearly see the true options that exist, for me and for others. I wholeheartedly recommend Fran's services to individuals, groups and businesses who are committed to their own journey of self discovery."

Kim V

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