When "Calm Down!" Isn't Enough...

How to Tackle Meltdowns, Anxiety, and Depression in Your Daughter...

...without repeating some of the painful encounters you may have experienced with your own mom growing up.

Every mom knows the warning cries of a meltdown in progress.

"This is TOO hard! I can't do it!!!"

"Nobody likes me!"

"I'm just stupid."

Upstairs, the bedroom door slams.

Ready it or not, it's a crisis for your daughter.

A long, angry, tearful, exhausting meltdown.

It hurts to see your daughter so miserable.

Not only that, you're tired of it, and it's affecting the whole family.

You've tried helping when she's overwhelmed, telling her to "Calm Down!", encouraging her to plan ahead instead of waiting until the last minute, doling out consequences for screaming and tantrums and low grades.

These things can turn down the intensity a little -- but they don't end the procrastination and the inevitable meltdown, and they don't eliminate your daughter's very real distress.

That's because meltdowns stem from a lack of confidence and a fear of failure. Working with those things is where the traction is -- and that's what I'll be showing you how to do in this course.

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Instead of struggling by yourself...
Here is everything you need to know in order to tackle this frustrating problem.

You'll learn how to:

✓ Help your daughter avoid those exhausting mood swings and move from quitting to persisting.

✓ Gain insight into the links between self-worth & self-esteem and anxiety & depression -- and the links between anxiety & depression and meltdowns.

✓ Build in her strong resistance to anxiety and depression by supporting her in moving from feeling inadequate to feeling confident.

✓ Provide the very specific responses she needs from you in order to get off the Self-Esteem Roller Coaster so she can hang in there even when she’s becoming overwhelmed.


If you show us that you've implemented all of the tools, strategies, and activites in the course and still see no results, your money will be refunded in full.

This course includes:

🌸 6 Guided Video Lessons

🌸 6 Activities for You to Build Your Daughters Confidence 

🌸 9 Worksheets & Quick Reference Guides

🌸 Lifetime Access -- Everything is yours to download and keep.

🌸 Also, get ongoing access to Fran Hendrick's Private Facebook Community where you can ask your questions, share your experiences, and celebrate your progress with Fran.

When "Calm Down!" Isn't Enough...

How to Tackle Meltdowns, Anxiety, and Depression in Your Daughter

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Fran Hendrick

A Professional Clinical Counselor & Your Guide

A professional clinical counselor, parenting columnist, and instructor, Fran Hendrick has assisted women and girls for 25 years in becoming exactly who they’re meant to be.

Fran specializes in showing moms the specific steps to take in the space of everyday situations in order to inspire girls to become confident, resilient, and joyful.

"I found this class to be an inspiring and empowering course. Fran is very insightful and shared practical advice and tools to help us moms feel more confident and productive in our relationship with our girls (& boys!). The course took place in a comfortable space and I felt safe sharing my thoughts and feelings with Fran and the small group of lovely moms."

Mel G.

"I can't put into words how much this class time has meant to me. It was a 'joyful' part of my week and I am so glad we are going to continue. "

Christine W.

"This class helped me make tangible my dreams and goals for my relationship with my daughter. It gave me clear direction on how to develop the traits of the healthy relationship I want to establish and grow with my daughter - from the beginning! Through reflection, discussion, and constructive support, this course also helped me understand and make some peace with my relationship with my own mother."

Nena C.

"The ideas for hands on activities to use with my daughter were easy to implement and made big impact! I am also thrilled with the materials you provided –one which I have downloaded and saved –so that I can use them with my daughter as she grows and we meet and work on challenges together. The worksheets are timeless–I know they will be just as valuable will she is 10…. 13 or 18. Thank you!"


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